THE MELODY SYSTEMis a modular tele-ultrasound device adapted to your needs: in every situation, your Melody system responds.Melody comes in two versions:

  • The version of the hospital is more ergonomic and more versatile for the operator. The ultrasound probe holder robot, its controller and the video conferencing system are mounted on a swivel arm that can be easily moved around the patient from one room to another. The probe holder robot is mounted on the end of the articulated arm and equilibrated in space, regardless of its position.
  • The field version is made for operations in which the operator must move more quickly from one place to another on a sometimes difficult. The robot Tpuede then be attached to a winding / balanced to be hung from a high point cable.

Local technical constraints relevant to the device:

  • Ambient temperature between 5 ° C and 40 ° C in continuous operation, and between 0 ° C and 50 ° C in a timely manner.
  • Relative humidity less than 80% non-condensing.


station in place of the patient consists of:

  • a robot ultrasound probe holder.
  • a control unit of the robot probe holder.
  • a balanced carrier arm and carries robot control unit or robot hospital version field carries

EXPERT MELODY station in place of the expert consists of:

  • A control unit of the expert,
  • A small table,
  • A fictional ultrasound probe,

Associated components necessary for the operation of the tele-ultrasound, which can be provided by AdEchoTech according to the needs and existing facilities. The products offered by AdEchoTech were selected, tested and optimized for best results.