MINDRAY DC-8Mindray’s top-of-the-range ultrasound system, DC-8 integrates the best of technology, quality and ergonomics, providing you with a unique scanning experience. Be it a fetal biometry analysis, an ovarian mass examination or showing parents the first image of their child, the DC-8 has it all. With a crystal clear image quality, comprehensive analysis package and a highly user-friendly interface, the DC-8 is your standalone solution for OB/GYN imaging.3T Transducer TechnologyMindray’s patent transducer technology to increase image bandwidth and transmission efficiency
•  Triple-matching layer design for higher sensitivity, wider bandwidth, and improved S/N.
•  Total-cut design for lower cross-talk noise, better directivity, and improved lateral resolution
•  Thermal-control design for better acoustic transmission

Echo-enriched Beam Forming
Echo-enriched beam former permits the use of traditionally neglected echo signals of adjacent beams to form one finer and stronger imaging beam, providing better ‘out-of-focus’ image resolution and deeper image penetration.






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