Manage your radiology center information with DictaPACS by adjusting our modules to your needs.

DictaPACS is the perfect solution for your growing radiology center!

Your radiology center requires a solution that fits your needs and workflows. Now you can also have the PACS’ tools and include the fundamental features of a RIS in the right scale and with a high flexibility for acquisition. Like a tailor-made suit!

HIRUKO DictaPACS is an adaptable solution for each radiology center; it has modules that will help you meet all the requirements, to improve the attention service, always taking into account the highest quality standard and support by HIRUKO.

Knowing that radiology information control solutions must have advanced solutions, with HIRUKO DictaPACS you will be able to also get the following tools:

• Advanced display or post-processing

• Voice recognition via Web

• Report management

• 24/7 Support

Modules to be developed in each solution according to the requirements:

  • Reception
  • Care
  • Reading
  • Transcription
  • Delivery
  • Administrative/ Inventory

Optimize your technical and human resources and offer a fast and timely service.