medburner-hiruko-imexhsOur burner robot Hiruko MedBurner provides diagnostic imaging centers and / or radiology departments a solution that automates the burning of CDs or DVDs to give to patients or referring physicians with a professional finish. Disks generated by our robot include all full DICOM images additionally delivers a lightweight Web version, which can be viewed from any computer with a lightweight full DICOM viewer or viewer preference.

Hiruko MedBurner allows recording of studies from DICOM modalities or Storage Systems (PACS), in a way Q / R (Query and Retrieved) or Burner Server simultaneously.

Hiruko MedBurner integrates the images recorded on the CD with an embedded viewer technology supports Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac technology to ensure the end user to view the images in DICOM format, with all the benefits required for medical diagnosis (dimensions, angles, contrast variations, filters, etc.).

MODE DICOM SR (Structured Report)

MedBurner software organizes information through structured reports, ensuring that the final disclosure contains the data (diagnostic study) and additional matching the patient demographic information, without additional steps. This is because the software takes demographic information and data RIS study, taken directly from the PACS. In addition to this, it has embedded the PDF for the unification of information.


Our software comes with a hardware key (dongle USD) that guarantees the originality of the product and ensures that whether to change the hardware of the PC does not lose the license.


MedBurner is equipped with a Web server that can be activated to robot management from anywhere using the Web interface for administration.

• Customizable with different styles
• Graphic interface optimized for touch screens
• View all the images and reporting structure of DICOM SR from DCM Burner.
• Set Dicom and MPEG4 video

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