hirukoris-imexhs RIS (Radiology Information System)

If you require an INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that supports the WHOLE care processing your Radiology Center. Hiruko RIS is the perfect solution.


HIRUKO RIS manages the workflow in your diagnostic imaging service, from scheduling to results distribution, going through processes such as billing without additional programs. It centralizes all of your information and enables the analysis and indicator management, even from your mobile device.

You can track every patient’s attention process in your radiology center. Strengthen your health specialists and your staff, using computing tools that allow you to put all of your medical and scientific efforts towards the patient care.

HIRUKO RIS obtains specific information of the patient and their care process going through every part of it, from administrative to caring activities. It integrates hardware tools to facilitate attention, making the patient’s reception and their staying in the institution a progressive and sequential process and avoiding repetitions.



  • Scheduling
  • Reception
  • Care
  • Reading
  • Transcription
  • Inventory/administration
  • Billing
  • Multi-site