It is nothing new that we are immersed in a time of rapid change with regard to information technology and communication. With its emergence and rapid expansion in all areas of society today has become a key to the progress of science in general appearance. Thus, in recent years they have implemented innovative software systems in all scientific fields providing them numerous benefits.

At present, the contribution of information technology has become indispensable in regard to medicine, particularly in the area of Diagnostic Imaging.

An example of the incredible technological advances for the healthcare field is the case IMEXHS (Imaging Experts and Health Services). This company concerned with providing integrated solutions for the administration, management and display of diagnostic images, successfully implemented a SOFTWARE OF RADIOLOGY in many institutions of public and private health. It’s about HIRUKO RIS (Radiology Information System) associated with HIRUKO PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System).

Through HIRUKO RIS Information management is done from the patient schedule your appointment until you withdraw your results. The novelty is that besides this allows stored data and formalize other programs without centralizing all information and allowing further analysis.

To understand the great benefits that this system provides the Radiology Information just enough to keep in mind the idea that the entire process is electronic and that, by the HIRUKO PACS, You can store and transmit medical images via LAN or remotely in digital format. That is, thanks to a technology platform, accessing affordable storage for diagnostic imaging and the ability to secure transmission between different nodes.

As can be seen, then, the use of this software provides numerous advantages. Include some more. Not only it gives the possibility of consultations with other specialists are made, but also provides diagnostic imaging to remote villages that do not have radiologists.

Moreover, this technology can avoid high costs of inputs and materials. Formerly radiology area was limited in terms of costs and efficiency due to the need for long process of developing and drying in dark rooms. Gone are the days when the costly image plates with all their prejudices were used. Recall that on many occasions had to discard because deteriorated, for the duration of your collection, or because they had to repeat the images with the unpleasant aggregate of having to irradiate the patient again.

In conclusion, radiology software IMEXHS away all the disadvantages and provides experts with all the technological excellence for the efficient development of their profession according to the needs of the times.

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