3 Voice Recognition Systems



Speech Magic 7



  • Voice Recognition intended to be integrated. It is a platform.
  • Voice recognition without having seen the text box.
  • Profiles are stored on a server.
  • Any change of context or customization same applies to all users.
  • No need to be online with the server to that issue. Customizable.
  • Allows digital dictation, speech recognition, online and / or deferred (batch), transcription and deferred correction.
  • Functionality SPEECH ANALYTICS


SpeechAnyWhere 360




  • Voice Recognition Cloud, public or private
  • Multipltaforma speech recognition, Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices
  • Voice Recognition Multibrowser
  • Software requires no previous facilities
  • High specifications required client hardware
  • Centralized and Shared Dictionary. IMPROVING THE QUALITY REPORT
  • High safety standards
  • Functionality ADAPTACUBE




  • End desktop solution ready for use by the end customer without integration.
  • It is an application easy to use and quick implementation.
  • Write where focus is.
  • Profiles are stored on each computer (in some cases can be stored on a given server load network usage).
  • The changes and customization of context is not shared between users.
  • It is compatible with Windows Operating Systems