Hiruko PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is our technologic platform, used for affordable and masive storage for diagnostic imagery.

It enables safe transmition between nodes and diagnostic modalities thanks to the use of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standards.

HIRUKO PACS is a robust system that integrates the latest technologies regarding storage,compression and hardware architecture.


PACS solutions  are ussally complex systems and require trained professional for maintenance and support, which makes them expensive. Hiruko PACS is an international solution designed and focused on the local market, offering a model of unlimited licensing  and a support team integrated with the development team.

Cost effective

It meets the needs of small clinical centers to multi-centric hospital organizations, that require the best technology at an affordable price, providing a highly scalable solution, allowing us to accommodate to almost any budget.

Flexible and complete

– We offer connection of all medical  existing image modalities,  enabling the storage of images generated by modalities CR, CT, PET-CT, MR, US, etc. – Auto-routing studies to different destinations according to multiple criteria (time / date / location / tag DICOM, etc.) – Management of key images (for structured reporting functionality teacher or file)

Based on international standards

It meets the DICOM and HL-7 international medical imagery standards, which allows an easy integration with other world class solutions and it can be managed by any Sysadmin with PACS knowledge.

High data transmission speeds

(fast and efficient – high speed data transmission)

It uses powerful and sophisticated Wavelet compression and decompression imagery algorithms that take advantage of the latest JAVA technologies and a 64 bit architecture to provide one of the highest data transmission speeds in the market.

File system generation

Our HIRUKO PACS system enables to maintain safety storage scales according to the specific requirements of each client, allowing redundancy and high availability of information.

Using a web administration console that allows you to correct demographic information, to link patients and studies, add modalities, verify connectivity, display available space in disks, among many others.